Imagine us exploring new paths together

Evangelische Heimstiftung (EHS) has a long tradition of innovation. We see innovation not only as an opportunity, but also as an obligation arising from our self-perception as a diaconal company to be a service provider and to ensure good care at all levels. The EHS aims to develop concepts, processes and products in such a way that they meet the changing needs of our customers and employees and enable best quality.

With its ALADIEN-strategy, EHS is actively shaping the digital transformation. The acronym ALADIEN refers to Everyday Assistance Systems with Services. This means that modern technology, new apps and digital assistance systems are consistently deployed in the EHS facilities.

Our Institute for Care and Ageing deals with up-to-date research results. We want to use this knowledge to improve the daily lives of our clients and our staff. Our care facilities are actively involved in various research projects.

Innovation needs a fresh spirit. That is why we also cooperate with various start-ups and thus bring young ideas into care work.

On the following sites, you can learn more about the different areas.