Everyday Assistance Systems with Services

ALADIEN symbolises the digital strategy of Evangelische Heimstiftung. It aims to make everyday life easier and safer with a variety of technical tools. Moreover, the ALADIEN-concept deals with the question of how to bring people and technology together.

We implement ALADIEN in our WohnenPLUS residences and sheltered housing already since 2017. In addition, the system currently supports the work of our daytime companions in three ambulatory assisted living communities. We are continuously improving the system and plan to apply it in all our new and renovated existing buildings.




Different sensors in the living spaces ensure the safety and comfort of the residents. The intelligent system identify dangers, make everyday life easier and call for help in case of an emergency through a home emergency call device.

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ALADIEN features at a glance

In all technical assistance tools the Evangelische Heimstiftung attaches great importance to the personal safety of the residents, data protection and the handling of sensitive personal information. That is why we develop many components ourselves and intensively test all modules that we purchase from external partners. Of course, experiencing ALADIEN for yourself is better than many words. We are therefore happy to show you the many different ways you can use ALADIEN in your everyday life.


ALADIEN is implemented in cooperation with the Zentrum für Telemedizin Bad Kissingen and escos Copilot.


Pia kleine Stüve
Head of Unit Assistance Systems and Digitalisation

Tel. 0711 63676-288